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Tammer-Suoja in brief

Tammer-Suoja Oy is founded in 1983. The production of the company is divided into two sectors; automotive and aviation sector.

Main products for the automotive sector are tailor-made seat covers (for almost 4 000 different car models). Our selection of GrillGuards covers almost all the present car models sold in Europe. This product line is necessary and keeps vehicles on the roads during the cold winter time.

Our Universal Covers are available for different vehicle groups, such as cars, motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s, work machines and snowmobiles. We also carry in our range of products selection of the thermal products for the recreational vehicles.

We have been granted POA21 certification, which authorize us to manufacture aircraft parts, such as seat covers, seat cushions, curtains, tailored carpets and turbine covers.

Our company operates as a supplier and subcontractor in many business fields serving our domestic and international customers. We supply our customers both finished and semi-finished products as well as materials.

Careful planning and design is the basis for the high-quality of our products. Planning of the production process is carried out with using modern and latest technology in the digital environment. As a result there is always good quality TAMMERS- product which is produced in Finland.

Please feel free to contact us in any matters.

Kari Talja
Managing Director
kari.talja (at) tammer-suoja.fi